15 Falsehoods: Separating Facts from Fiction in Selling Santee Cooper





January 5, 2021

Just three months ago, the South Carolina Small Business Chamber and the Gullah Geechee Chamber of Commerce published “No Longer An Asset: How Santee Cooper is Failing South Carolina,” a paper that lays out the state-owned utility’s many failures in recent years.

This month the South Carolina General Assembly will begin what lawmakers hope will be final deliberations regarding the fate of Santee Cooper.  This process has already started in the House, and as expected, defenders of Santee Cooper are evoking the same false arguments for keeping the utility a state agency that have been used for the last three years.

This new document not only exposes the weakness of these arguments but shows how they are outright falsehoods, starting with the most common refrain that Santee Cooper rates are the lowest in the state.

Fifteen Falsehoods: Separating Facts from Fiction in Selling Santee Cooper” clearly demonstrates that the only conclusion that can be reached in the upcoming legislative debate is that Santee Cooper must be sold for the good of its customers and our state.

We hope you agree, and if you do, we urge you to write your legislators and let them know that you support selling Santee Cooper.

View the document here.

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