2020 Successes

2020 Successes

2020 Successes

Federal and State COVID stimulus programs

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce promoted PPP loan opportunity to the state’s small businesses.  We successfully advocated for $40 million in state small business grants using CARES Act funds to South Carolina.

Offshore Oil Exploration and Drilling

We continued our federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Commerce filed in December 2018 by our chamber and 16 SC coastal municipalities.  The lawsuit successfully blocked seismic testing permits for oil exploration in the Atlantic from being issued with the judge’s October ruling.

Our campaign launched in April 2019 to have Democratic Presidential candidates committee to a Day One Executive Order to ban all new oil drilling leases on public lands and waters eventually garnered 8 candidate commitments.  Just before the South Carolina Democratic Primary in February 2020 we announced via press releases and opinion editorials that only 4 of the remaining candidates on the ballot had committed to this action plan—including Joe Biden.

Protecting Elections
In 2020 we continued our “Business 4 Protecting the Election” website campaign, started in 2019, to focus on interference in the Presidential election.  The campaign included an informational website that included blogs contributed by other business organizations and daily news stories on the subject.  All new content was pushed out daily to over 16,000 supporters.

State-Owned Electric Utility
Our advocacy efforts to have the legislature sell the state-owned electric utility, which serves over 2 million customers, continued in 2020.  The utility, Santee Cooper, ran up a $4 billion debt for a failed, multi-year nuclear construction project.  Selling the utility to an investor-owned utility could remove the debt from ratepayers, lower rates, and close coal plants in favor of renewable energy.