8/24/15 Newsletter: Credit Cards, Keystone, and SCE&G

August 24, 2015

Upgrade deadline looms for merchants in S.C.
Businesses must make card readers available by Oct. 1

 “South Carolina merchants face a looming national deadline to upgrade their credit card technology or possibly become financially liable for any fraud that takes place because of a commercial transaction at their businesses.

“Beginning Oct. 1, responsibility will shift to individual merchants for liability from fraud if they have not installed equipment to read EMV chips in credit cards.

“…. But, how the new upgrade requirements are implemented depends on the company each merchant uses for its card services, said Dave Carlton, president of the Charleston-based Priority Payment Systems Independent Sales Organization.

“This requirement is being put in place for every merchant account in the U.S.,” said Carlton, whose company processes credit cards and supplies credit card equipment, such as the new EMV card readers, along with technical support to clients.

“Our (sales organization) is upgrading all of our existing merchants to the equipment at no charge, and all new accounts through Oct. 1 will be provided with the EMV and contactless payment ready terminals to use at no charge for as long as they are using our services,” Carlton said.”

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Keystone XL pipeline decision expected soon

There are strong rumors that President Obama will soon announce his decision, possibly within days or by the end of August, on the Keystone XL pipeline.

He will either throw his support to the private Canadian oil company that wants to build the pipeline into our country to send the dirtiest, high-carbon oil from the tar sands region of western Canada all the way to our Gulf for processing. Or the President will stand for what is in the best interest of America’s future.

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Still time to take poll on SCE&G rate increases

Did you know that SCE&G has raised its electricity rates by 31% since 2008? There’s still time to take our custumer opinion survey and give us your feedback regarding the rate increases and how they have affected your business. Click here to take our quick survey.

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