The Obama Administration is THISSSSSS close to giving permits for seismic testing off the Atlantic Coast to explore for oil and gas.  The future of our vibrant small business tourism economy is threatened.

Please help us tell the President “NOOOOO”!

Seismic testing is a terribly damaging process of creating one of the loudest sounds in the ocean through sonic airgun blasting.  The destruction to marine life will hurt our commercial and recreational fishing as well as tourism related to a healthy ocean.  Drilling for offshore oil will follow.

Please join the Business Alliance for Protecting the Atlantic Coast (BAPAC) in sending the President a message:

Do not allow seismic airgun blasting on the Atlantic Coast! Our deadline for business signatures in October 7th.  Then we go to DC with the strength of the business voice from Maine to Florida.

Sign the letter today.   It just takes a minute to save our coast from the oil industry possibly forever. Join the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, the coastal news media and thousands of businesses who have already joined BAPAC in opposition of offshore oil and gas exploration.

Sign the letter today.  

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