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June 21, 2023

Fed up with Congress failing to address
worker shortage crisis?

There is a short-term fix
Give states the control over immigration visas


Urgent action is needed to address workforce shortages affecting businesses of all sizes and sectors across our nation.

Add your name to this letter of employers urging the Biden administration to allow states to sponsor immigrant workers, giving states a new way of attracting much-needed workers to critical sectors of the economy, including both newcomers and long-term contributors such as Dreamers, agricultural workers and essential workers.

This proposal has bipartisan support in Congress.  It would give states the authority to sponsor visas for the immigrants they need to meet their states’ particular labor needs.

The letter, addressed to President Biden, reads in part:

“With congressional action on permanent immigration reform gridlocked, we look to your administration to expand the use of visas under current regulations and give states the authority to act on their workforce needs, so that migrants are treated humanely and businesses can rev up the engines that drive state and national economies.”

You can read the letter and sign your name here.


Frank Knapp
President & CEO

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