ACTION ALERT!! SC House to vote on protecting our coast

ACTION ALERT!! SC House to vote on protecting our coast

May 7, 2019

The S.C. House could take two important actions this week to protect our coast from offshore oil drilling.

Please contact House member immediately by using the easy instructions below.

–The House could debate and vote on H.3087 tomorrow (May 8th).  The bill would permanently prohibit the facilitation of offshore oil along the South Carolina coast by blocking the development of and infrastructure needed for offshore oil transportation or storage in our state waters and on land. While this bill could not become law this year because it would still need to go through the Senate, being passed by the House this week would set it up for early action in the Senate next year.

–The House will address the state budget it has received from the Senate.  In the Senate budget is a proviso that would block for one year the use of state tax dollars by state or local agencies for the facilitation of onshore infrastructure for offshore oil.  While this proviso would only last for one year, including the proviso in the budget would send a clear message to the U.S. Department of Interior that South Carolina opposes offshore oil drilling.

Please contact all House members before 10AM tomorrow (May 8) with this message:

Please support H.3087 and the Senate proviso that protect the South Carolina Coast from the economic and environmental threats of offshore oil should the federal government approve drilling offshore.  There is strong bipartisan opposition to offshore drilling and exploration that includes our Governor, Attorney General, Republican and Democratic Congressional members, South Carolina legislators, all our coastal cities and the SC Small Business Chamber.  We neither want nor need offshore oil from the Atlantic.   

Send an email to all House members at one time.

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Frank Knapp