ACTION ALERT: Senate to debate sale of Santee Cooper. Contact Senators before Tuesday, April 23rd, 2PM

April 19, 2019

The South Carolina Senate has placed S.678 on special order for Tuesday, April 23rd.

This bill calls for the SC Department of Administration to conduct a competitive bidding process for the sale of Santee Cooper.  It establishes criteria for the evaluation of proposals and calls for a recommendation to the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees “regarding the bid that the department considers to be in the best interest of the State, its taxpayers, and the ratepayers of Santee Cooper.  The legislature would vote on the sale.

The SC Small Business Chamber supports the sale of Santee Cooper if it can achieve these goals:

  1. Eliminate $7-$8 billion of Santee Cooper’s debt ($4 billion due to the failed nuclear project) so that ratepayers will never be responsible for payment on that debt. Santee Cooper direct customer are already paying 5% higher rates for the debt and the utility plans to raise rates another 7% starting in less than two years.  Without a sale, a customer’s rate will be 12% higher than needed and they will pay between $6,200-$7,400 over the next 30 years for the debt.
  2. Elimination of the debt will protect the ratepayers of the state’s 20 electric cooperatives from paying about $4,200 over 30 years for Santee Cooper’s debt.
  3. The fast retirement of Santee Cooper’s aging coal plants and transition to less costly renewable energy and new generation gas plants. Reducing the utility’s carbon pollution is a top priority to fight climate change that is resulting in rising seas and flooding.
  4. A plan to protect the local economies and employees impacted by a sale.

Contact these key Senators below with this message:

Please vote for S.678 to establish a process for considering the sale of Santee Cooper to a private utility.  The sale must eliminate the nearly $8 billion debt from responsibility of the ratepayers, set a fast timeline for retiring the coal plants and plan for protecting local economies and employees impacted by the sale.

The Honorable:
Luke Rankin  (803) 212-6610
Gerald Malloy  (803) 212-6172
Shane Massey  (803) 212-6330
Katrina Shealy  (803) 212-6320
Tom Young  (803) 212-6000
Ronnie Sabb  (803) 212-6032
Michael Gambrell  (803) 212-6040
Mike Fanning  (803) 212-6024
Mia McLeod  (803) 212-6056
Sandy Senn  (803) 212-6116
Richard Cash  (803) 212-6124
Dwight Loftis  (803) 212-6100
Brad Hutto  (803) 212-6140
Chip Campsen   (803) 212-6340
Thomas McElveen (803) 212-6132
Ross Turner  (803) 212-6148
Marlon Kimpson  (803) 212-6132
Margie Bright Matthews  (803) 212-6108
Wes Climer  (803) 212-6016
Stephen Goldfinch  (803) 212-6172
Rex Rice  (803) 212-6116
Scott Talley  (803) 212-6048
Dick Harpootlian  (803)-212-6008



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