Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative Announces Media Resource and Contacts

Published in South Carolina Institute of Medicine and Public Health

December 2, 2010

A resource for media professionals has been released by the Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative (the Initiative) of South Carolina. The Talking Points guide includes essential information and content experts for a variety of topics related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Affordable Care Act Talking Points December 2010

“The debate on the importance of South Carolina successfully implementing health care reform will intensify next year,” said Frank Knapp, Jr., president and CEO of The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce and chair of the Information, Dissemination & Communication Working Group of the Initiative. “Therefore it is vital for the media, public and politicians to have accurate information about the impact of the ACA on our state.”

The Initiative is a public-private collaboration of over 60 stakeholders from the non-profit sector, state and local government agencies, health care organizations and others. (List of organizations attached). Convened by the South Carolina Public Health Institute in cooperation with South Carolina Healthcare Voices (, the Initiative explores the various state-specific elements of the legislation and examines possible approaches to implementation with the goal to inform policy makers and leaders how to most successfully implement health care reform and take advantage of the funding opportunities that are available to our state.

“Examining the various elements within the health care legislation is vitally important to South Carolina,” according to Dr. Lee Pearson, director of the South Carolina Public Health Institute. “Our state’s health statistics are concerning in nearly all categories, and we must work together to improve those circumstances. This legislation offers tools that can enhance health outcomes for all South Carolinians. Maximizing those opportunities is the core focus of this collaboration.”

The goals of the Initiative will be met through public-private workgroups. The shared goals of the workgroups are to develop concise plans for how South Carolina can best implement the state-specific elements of the health care legislation and pursue available funding opportunities to the benefit of our state. Workgroup members review the appropriate sections of this legislation, as well as new federal guidelines as they are issued, to aid in clarifying federal implementation rules and highlighting opportunities for collaboration.

The Talking Points guide provides essential information and South Carolina contacts for numerous aspects of the ACA. The information guide is also available at:

Media Contacts

Frank Knapp
SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative
Chair – Information Dissemination and Communication Workgroup

Megan Weis
Associate Director – Outreach and Program Development
South Carolina Public Health Institute
Affordable Care Act Implementation Initiative

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