All Employers: Important Health Care Reform Deadline

There is an very important deadline coming up on October 1, 2013, associated with the Affordable Care Act . 


Fortunately, complying is relatively easy and the forms below will get the job done. 

Simply put, you as the employer are providing important information to your employees about the new health insurance marketplace.

If you need help and want assistance in understanding this requirement or you need advice in how to answer employee questions or you want to know what all your options are under the new healthcare law, call David Harrell at (803) 586-7571.  There is no cost for this assistance and there is a good chance that you will find that one of these options will positively impact your bottom line and your employees.

By October 1, 2013…

All employers regardless of how many employees or if they offer an employer sponsored health plan must provide Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies (NOE) letters to all employees.  The Department of Labor has released two versions of these letters.  

The first is for employers who offer a sponsored health plan.
Offering Health Insurance

The second version is for those employers with no health plan.  

No Health Insurance

These forms can be distributed to your employees via hand, email or first class mail. 

Again, if you need any free advice in complying or have any questions about the coming-soon health insurance exchange, call David Harrell at (803) 586-7571.
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