Businesses campaign for election security

Businesses campaign for election security

Lexington County Chronicle
December 26, 2019

Businesses campaign for election security

Special to the Chronicle

The small-business community is doing its part to ensure a fair election in 2020.

Protect Democracy USA, the business campaign launched in August calling on Congress to pass legislation critically needed to protect the 2020 elections has been re-branded “Business 4 Protecting The Election.”

“The business voice for securing our elections and protecting democracy has been very well received,” said campaign coordinator Frank Knapp.

“Since we launched our campaign, we have begun working closely with the national project ‘Protect Democracy’ that filed a lawsuit in October, Inglis v. South Carolina.”

The lawsuit alleges the Executive Committee of the SC Republican Party illegally cancelled its presidential primary in violation of its own rules and state law.

The plaintiffs include former South Carolina Member of Congress Bob Inglis of Greenville County.

The business campaign provides the business voice of concern on the issue of Russian and other foreign interference in the 2016 election.

“While numerous voices have been raised on this issue, the small-business community had previously not been organized to demand that this crisis be addressed,” said Knapp.

“A secure election process unfettered by foreign interference is a prerequisite for a healthy democracy crucial to a sustainable free market in which entrepreneurs create businesses and jobs.”