Chamber To Take On Predatory Gas Pricing

The Small Business Chamber will be supporting better enforcement of predatory gas pricing regulations by the SC Department of Consumer Affairs.  An original mission of the Chamber was to ensure that small businesses were treated fairly in the regulatory process. Ironically, the issue of predatory gas pricing is not one of uneven enforcement; it’s one of no enforcement that in turn favors big business.

The concern is that big businesses, like Wal Mart, are selling gas below cost more than the 14 days a year allowed by law.  This continuous “loss leader” marketing by big business with deep pockets has a negative effect on more than the small businesses that sell gasoline.  Any small business, which sells products offered by the big business (ex. clothing, hardware, etc), will lose customers as a result of unfair gas pricing.

The Small Business Chamber will support efforts by the SC Petroleum Marketers Association and the SC Association of Convenience Stores to have the state’s predatory gas pricing laws enforced and the complaint process simplified.

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