Commentary: GOP leaders needed for climate-change cause

Below is an excerpt from an opinion editorial by Steve Harvey.  No, not that Steve Harvey.  This Steve Harvey is a friend and lawyer (yes a Philadelphia lawyer) who crafted (with some help from me) a friend of the court brief in support of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan rule.  The amicus brief was coordinated by the American Sustainable Business Council and was signed by 25 diverse business organizations.  This issue is still in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Enquirer (Philadelphia)
February 1, 2017

Commentary: GOP leaders needed for climate-change cause

…At the top of that list is action on climate change, which President Barack Obama made a priority in his second term. But even he was unable to get any real momentum going on it. He relied on administrative action and executive orders, because Congress would not go along.

It’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton, if she had been elected, would have fared no better, because there will be no serious effort to substantially reduce and soon eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels unless a substantial number of Republican voters embrace the concept. They should, not just because of the grave danger of continued global warming, but also because of the opportunity to transform our economy by leading the world in clean-energy technology. The economic possibilities are staggering.

Still, we have a long way to go to sell this to the American people and to Congress, and that starts with Republican support. We already have 10 courageous Republicans in the House who have joined the Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus, including three from Pennsylvania (Reps. Pat Meehan, Ryan Costello, and Brian Fitzpatrick). But we are going to need a lot more GOP leaders on climate change, and soon, because we don’t have time to wait until Democrats control Congress again. This is critical to the future for our children and grandchildren….

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