Dominion’s “cash” offer to SCE&G customers exposed

Take all those millions Dominion Energy has been pumping out for TV and radio ads touting the great $1000 average refund they would give to SCE&G ratepayers—AND THROW THEM DOWN A DEEP, DARK HOLE!

Avery Wilks of The State is reporting that there was another offer by Dominion/SCANA to increase that average refund to $1,530.  But for SCE&G customers to get this extra kickback would require the Legislature and Public Service Commission to roll over and give Dominion the keys to the Kingdom.

Thankfully our legislators had more integrity than that and the offer was turned down. The SCE&G ratepayers deserved an even better deal that could only come from the Public Service Commission putting the consumers first.

This fall the Public Service Commission will hold a hearing that combines making two decisions.

First, how much should SCE&G rates be rolled back due to the utility’s mismanagement of the construction of the now abandoned nuclear plants and concealment of critical information about the construction project.

Second, should Dominion be approved for acquiring SCANA/SCE&G.

This new blockbuster information should clearly show the Public Service Commission that these two decisions should not be made at the same time in the same hearing.

Dominion’s acquisition offer should not be dealt with until a later hearing.

The public deserves the undivided and Dominion-free attention of the Public Service Commission on how much SCE&G rates should be permanently reduced.

Dominion played no role in the nuclear debacle and its input is neither needed or wanted in this important Public Service Commission decision, especially now that we know Dominion’s word is only as good until their next “final” offer is made.

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