Door closing on small businesses for affordable health insurance


The SC Small Business Chamber has called thousands of small businesses across the state in 2022.  We told them about affordable, quality health insurance for the owner and employees through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Hundreds asked to be contacted to see how the federal subsidies can reduce their health insurance costs or enable them to afford health insurance.  Representatives of the SC Primary Health Care Association have reached out to these small business owners to provide information and give assistance in enrollment.

The open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace closes on January 15th and won’t reopen until November 1, 2023.

Before that door closes and small businesses/employees need to meet special criteria to have access to the marketplace and its premium subsidies, contact us quickly.

You and your employees still have time to learn more and, if interested, enroll in an affordable health insurance plan.

Send us an email to and we’ll get back to you quickly.  Just give us your name and telephone number and request a call.

Let’s make 2023 the year of a healthy workforce at lower costs.


Frank Knapp
President & CEO

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