Door not totally closed to premium subsidies in federal Health Insurance Marketplace

Now there are 17 exceptions to get access to
affordable health insurance

When the end of open enrollment in the federal Health Insurance Marketplace came on January 15th, over 300,000 lucky SC individuals and 14.5 million nationally had received premium subsidies that made their health insurance affordable, sometimes even free.

If you missed out, there is good news.

Officially there are 16 qualifying life events that can make you eligible to enter the Marketplace and get a premium subsidy.

Now there is one more way to open the door to the Marketplace for individuals.

However, only employers can make it happen. But there is plenty of incentive for an employer to look into it.

Our 23-minute recorded webinar will explain everything.

Click here and use this passcode (remember to include the *): $mJ6M6T*

For small businesses that are offering group health insurance, premiums continue to increase. In 2021, businesses with 10 or fewer employees saw premiums increase over 9%. These ever-rising premiums have resulted in a steady decline in small businesses offering group health insurance. Today only about 30% of businesses with 10 or fewer workers offer the employee-benefit.

Our recorded webinar, that you can watch at your leisure, will explain the new ICHRA program created by Congress in 2020. ICHRA just might be the future for small businesses that want to help employees with health insurance but do not want the ever-increasing costs and headaches.

ICHRA can also be the key that unlocks the closed door to the Marketplace and its subsidies for many uninsured workers.

Watch the recorded video by clicking here and use the passcode:  $mJ6M6T*

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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