Congratulations to the Federal Communications Commission for standing up for consumers including small businesses.  Internet services have become essential to communication.  It is no different than telephone service.

So to protect consumers from greedy cable and telecommunication companies from maximizing their profits by allowing them to start charging web information providers for different downloading speeds, the FCC simply acknowledged reality—internet providers are a public utility and should be regulated to protect consumers.

The cable and telecommunications companies have gone bonkers because they see their ability to gauge consumers for what is considered an essential public communication tool slipping away.  So they and their supporters attack the FCC ruling because it used an old (1930’s) rule for authority to protect net neutrality.  (Really?  Who cares how the FCC got there just so it got there legally.)  And the opponents claim that the FCC is now regulating the internet when in reality it is trying to protect the status quo of a level playing field for all consumers.

This ruling doesn’t add any new federal taxes or fees on the internet service providers.  So the only money it is costing them is the obscene and unfair profits they won’t be able to make in the future at the expense of the consumers.


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