Give “Thanks” this Thursday. Give ‘em “Hell” next Tuesday.

Give “Thanks” this Thursday. Give ‘em “Hell” next Tuesday.

I have never heard as much public outrage in South Carolina as I have heard concerning SCE&G’s rate increases.   In particular, the complaints are over the utility company’s rate hikes to pay the financing construction costs for its two nuclear plants being built in Fairfield County.

Since 2009 SCE&G has been approved for 9 of these rate increases totaling 19.9% for residential consumers and approximately that for the business community. The latest electric rate hike of 2.66% was approved last month by the SC Public Service Commission.

Since the nuclear plants won’t go online until 2019/20 at the earliest, we can expect two or more annual rate hikes just for the construction financing costs (not the construction costs).

Now it’s time for the consumers to raise their voices in protest over the law that has allowed SCE&G to profit from its mismanagement of the project, which is 22% over budget and 3 years behind schedule.

A legislative Select Committee will hold a public hearing next Tuesday, November 29, at 10:30AM in room 403 of the Blatt Building in Columbia.  All are welcome to testify.

This is your best chance to tell the members of the SC General Assembly to change the law that allowed this consumer abuse to happen.


The STOP THE BLANK CHECK coalition has proposed amendments to the law.  You can read about them here.

Come tell your story of how these excessive rate hikes have affected you.

Come tell the legislature to change the law to stop this from ever happening again.

Select Committee on Energy Generation Financing
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
403 Blatt Building Columbia, SC