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We all know that employees are a business’s most important asset. Without them goods and services can’t be produced for customers.  A well-trained employee is invaluable to the success of a business.

But any worker without health insurance will have their productivity decreased due to not receiving proper medical attention because of the cost.

  • Uninsured workers who are ill on the job underperform and can pass on their illness to other employees thus compounding the problem.
  • Workers without health insurance who stay at home due to illness do so for longer periods of time.
  • Responsibilities of ill employees not at work are either not addressed or shifted to other employees resulting in inefficiency as well as causing worker morale issues.

While it is hard to calculate the cost to a business for all this loss of employee productivity, it is clear that an uninsured worker hurts the bottom line from decreased productivity.

The solution to this issue is not necessarily for an employer to offer group health insurance. Businesses with 50 or fewer employees are not required to provide insurance even though tax credits are available to those that qualify (Small Business Health Access Program).

Employers who do not or can’t afford to offer group health insurance have another option.

Health insurance navigators are standing by to meet with uninsured employees to help them enroll in individual health insurance. Employees will be given all the information about plan options and the premium assistance available to them.  And the workers, not the employer, will be responsible for paying the premiums.

But the employer has a crucial role to play in facilitating this process for their employees.

Employers who want to help themselves by helping their uninsured workers should join our webinar or contact us at the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

Webinar: November 16th, Noon – 1PM.  Register Here.

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We will coordinate getting a trained navigator to work with your uninsured workers. It’s that simple.

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