If 2015 was the hottest year globally on record, what did that mean for your city? The New York Times, using weather data from AccuWeather, has given us an easy to use tool to find out (well as long as you live in one of 3,116 cities data is available).

So how did we do in Columbia, SC? In 2015 we were 4.0 degrees above average.  Charleston, SC, was 3.4 degrees above normal as was Greenville, SC.

For all you big city folks, the above average temperatures for 2015 were 2 degrees in New York, 3.1 degrees in Los Angeles, 0.5 degrees in Chicago, 1.3 degrees in Houston and 2.6 degrees in New Orleans.

Have fun with this tool but remember that with unrestrained climate change, we’re just recording our progress to future economic, social and political disasters.

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