Latest on Constitutionality of Affordable Care Act

In case you’re keeping score, it is now 3-2 for the good guys.

Yesterday a third judge ruled that the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional.  Thanks to our friends at the Small Business Majority for letting us know because neither the main stream media or the crazy right wing media is reporting on this.  Now if the judge had ruled the other way, it would have been BIG news for the media.

Here is a statement from Tracy Schmaler, a spokeswoman with the Department of Justice, on the judge’s decision:

We welcome this ruling, which marks the third time a court has reviewed the Affordable Care Act on the merits and upheld it as constitutional. This court found — as two others have previously — that the minimum coverage provision of the statute was a reasonable measure for Congress to take in reforming our health care system. At the same time, trial courts in additional cases have dismissed numerous challenges to this law on jurisdictional and other grounds. The Department will continue to vigorously defend this law in ongoing litigation.

You can read the decision for yourself here.

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