State Agencies Competing With Business
Important Vote This Tuesday

The House Judiciary Committee will vote Tuesday (4/20) on H.4739, which sets a state policy of state agencies not producing goods or services and offering them to the private sector in competition with businesses. The bill does not prohibit agencies from producing goods or services for their own use or the use of another state agency.

The SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce opposes unfair, tax payer-supported competition from state agencies. H.4739 would set up a process by which a state agency could get Budget and Control Board approval to be exempted from this policy. We also have agreed to specifically exempt agencies with statutory mandates to produce competitive goods or services for the private sector such as the Department of Corrections and our technical colleges.

This vote is important. An opponent of H.4739 is actually encouraging state agencies to look for sources of alternative revenue from the private sector because their budgets have been cut. We must not let the policy of the state to be an open season on our small businesses and our revenue.

Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee listed below before this Tuesday at noon. Ask them to support H.4739. Tell them that state agencies should not compete in the private sector with businesses.

Representative e-mail House Phone
James H. Harrison (803)734-3120
G. Murrell Smith (803)734-3042
Alan Clemmons (803)734-2969
Karl B. Allen (803)734-3102
John Graham Altman None (803)734-2947
Creighton Coleman (803)734-3140
Gregory Delleney (803)734-3074
Ben Hagood (803)734-2950
Gloria Arias-Haskins (803)734-2978
Douglas Jennings (803)734-3065
Jay Lucas (803)734-2961
Walt McLeod (803)734-3276
James Merrill (803)734-2937
Thayer Rivers (803)734-3073
Todd Rutherford (803)734-9441
John Scott (803)734-3058
Gary Simrill (803)734-3040
Phil Sinclair (803)734-3008
Fletcher Smith (803)734-3059
James Smith (803)734-2997
Scott Talley (803)734-3005
Adam Taylor (803)734-2994
David Weeks (803)734-3191
Seth Whipper (803)734-3067


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