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November 2, 2018

I appreciate the Oct. 23 op-ed by Frank Knapp, president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (“Debate raises concerns over offshore oil drilling, health care.”)

Mr. Knapp is correct that the coastal economy of tourism, commercial fishing and recreation is dependent on a healthy ocean.

Congressional candidate Katie Arrington’s recent conversion to opposing drilling off South Carolina seems flimsy. She fully supported President Donald Trump’s move to open the entire Atlantic seaboard to oil exploration and has conveniently changed her mind.

She could switch positions later and play havoc with the health of our waters. We deserve serious candidates who think long-term and don’t focus solely on South Carolina’s coast; all coastal states would be affected by oil spills.

Mr. Knapp is right: “Government policies come and go, but offshore drilling is a forever decision.” Moreover, oil goes where it will. It doesn’t recognize state boundaries; it poisons coral reefs, estuaries and marine food chains.

Coral reefs, the vital “lungs” of the ocean, cannot vote, but I sure can and I will. I’m voting for the candidate who takes a sincere and strong position to protect our Atlantic Coast.

Lisa Weatherwax
Fieldstone Circle


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