Letter to SC Budget Committee Conferees

Letter to SC Budget Committee Conferees

May 7, 2018

Re: Budget provisos

Dear Senator Hugh Leatherman
Senator John Matthews
Senator Sean Bennett
Representative Brian White
Representative Bill Clyburn
Representative Derham Cole

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce encourages you to support four provisos that are contained in the House version of the State Budget.

All the provisos relate to temporary changes in utility and energy matters:

  • Proviso 38a defines “imprudent”, “imprudence”, “prudent”, “prudence” and “prudency”.
  • Proviso 18a sets a schedule for the PSC to issue an order on dockets pertaining to requests under the Base Load Review Act.
  • Proviso 9a raises the cap on generating capacity of net metering systems.
  • Proviso 36a requires the PSC include energy efficiency and distributed energy resources in the utility integrated resource plans and related utility dockets.

While some of these issues are contained in pending bills in the Senate or conference committee, there is no assurance that they will eventually be adopted. We cannot take this chance and thus the need for the provisos to remain in the budget.

Thank you for your consideration.


Frank Knapp Jr.
President & CEO