Majority in new poll: GOP tax plan would hurt us

The Hill
December 12, 2017

By Max Greenwood

of Americans said in new poll that the Republicans’ tax overhaul is likely to hurt them and their families, and that it will mostly help the wealthy.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said that they expect the GOP’s tax plan to hurt them and their families, according to the Marist poll, while 30 percent said they believe the proposal would ultimately help them.

Asked whom the overhaul would help the most, 60 percent of respondents said they believe it would provide the most relief to the wealthy, while only 21 percent said they expect it to help the middle class the most.

Only 4 percent believe the bill would provide the most help to the poor.

Voters’ views of the GOP’s efforts to reform the tax code varied widely by party identification.

Ninety percent of respondents who identified as strong Democrats said they expect the plan to help the wealthy the most, compared to just 15 percent of those who identified as strong Republicans. And 54 percent of independents said they believe the proposal would help the wealthy.

The House passed its version of the tax overhaul last month, and Senate Republicans voted earlier this month to approve their version of the measure.

Both versions would reduce the number of individual tax brackets and slash the corporate tax from 35 percent to 20 percent. But there are differences between the proposals. For example, the Senate bill would eliminate the ObamaCare mandate and sunset individual tax cuts after 2025.

House and Senate negotiators are currently working to reconcile the differences between the two bills.

President Trump and congressional Republicans have pitched their tax-reform effort as delivering much-needed tax cuts to the middle class and U.S. businesses that would boost U.S. economic growth.

Democrats, however, have argued that the tax overhaul would amount to a massive windfall for the wealthiest Americans, the effects of which would not trickle down to middle- and low-income Americans.

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