Media correcting the lies

It is satisfying to know that persistence in correcting false information pays off. 

One of the on-going lies about Obamacare is that it imposes a tax on small businesses.  This lie has been told over and over by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) that has taken millions of dollars from GOP-related organizations in order to attack the healthcare reform law.

GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan repeated this lie in his speech at the Republican National Convention Wednesday evening.  Fortunately the national media has heard the truth from those like me who want to see Obamacare successfully enacted. 

In a Washington Post story yesterday under the heading “The true, the false, and the misleading: Grading Paul Ryan’s convention speech”was the following.

Paul Ryan declared that the Affordable Care Act would impose “new taxes on nearly a million small businesses.” The Act changes taxes for small businesses in three ways. It provides a tax credit (pdf) to subsidize insurance coverage for which between 1.4 and 4 million small businesses are eligible. It imposes a tax on medical device manufacturers, of which there were only 5,300 (pdf) in the United States in 2007. Finally, it imposes an employer mandate on businesses that do not provide coverage, which will not affect (pdf) businesses with under 50 employees. Most small businesses, then, get a tax cut, and the number of small businesses facing tax increases is about five thousand, far under a million. Ryan’s claim is just false.

Unfortunately, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t read the fact-checking reviews of Ryan’s speech because last night he gave an abbreviated version of the lie saying of President Obama, “His plan to raise taxes on small business won’t add jobs, it will eliminate them.”

But as for factual information about small businesses, a Gallup poll released this week shows “small-business-owner satisfaction is up sharply.”
…despite the challenges small-business owners face, 55% are extremely or very satisfied with being a business owner and another 29% are somewhat satisfied, for a combined 84% saying they are satisfied to some degree with being a small-business owner.

This doesn’t sound like all small-business owners have succumbed to the fear the NFIB and some politicians are trying to instill in them with lies about Obamacare.

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