Medicaid cuts hurt all of us

Medicaid cuts hurt all of us

While I don’t know what the cuts to Medicaid in SC would be under the President’s budget, if they result in more uninsured it will hurt small businesses and the economy. 

Most Medicaid recipients who are working do so at small businesses.  If these workers lose their access to health insurance via Medicaid, they will be less healthy and thus less productive employees for small businesses.  We should be expanding Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act to have a healthier workforce, not reducing the number of insureds under the President’s budget.

A dramatic reduction in Medicaid funding would hurt the South Carolina economy.  This money doesn’t go into the pockets of those with Medicaid.  The money goes to our healthcare industry…the local doctor offices, hospitals and community health centers. 

If the Medicaid payments are reduced, so will be the number of employees in these provider businesses.  Fewer healthcare workers means less consumer demand in local communities which hurts local small businesses and local economies. 

Follow the Medicaid dollars and it is clear that dramatically reducing those dollars will impact every South Carolinian whether they receive Medicaid directly or not.