Microenterprise month to put focus on tiny businesses

By WACH Fox News Center

Published May 25, 2011

Representative Kenneth Hodges is announcing June as Microenterprise Development Month, gathering with small business leaders to try and bring some attention back to Main Street amid a din of vocal Amazon supporters flooding the State House.

A microenterprise is defined as a business with five or less employees. A majority of businesses in the county fall into this category.

A study committee has been formed with the goal of finding ways to support and bring funding to these tiny businesses with a big role in the state.

“The larger smaller business, the middle size business, even our big corporations, most of them started as microenterprises,” says Frank Knapp of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

“We really need more non-profit organizations to come together to provide counseling, the mentoring, the access to the capital that’s needed to help these businesses to thrive,” adds Connie Evans of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity.

A statistic issued ty the AEO says that if one in three microbusinesses were to employ one additional employee, the US economy would achieve full employment.

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