New Commerce Position Applauded by Small Business Chamber

Published in Press Release

Columbia, SC—The SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce congratulated Governor Mark Sanford and his Department of Commerce for creating a Small Business Ombudsman position. Commerce announced the appointment of Charles (Chuck) Bundy, a senior staff member in the Business Solutions Division, to the new position on Friday.

“We are very pleased that Governor Sanford recognizes the value of small business by creating a point person in his administration for entrepreneurs looking for assistance and support from state agencies,” said Tim Wilkes, chairman of the 9000-member Small Business Chamber. “In our original mission statement in 2000, we called for the establishment of a Small Business Ombudsman and have been the major proponent of such a position since then.”

“The state invests a lot of our tax dollars into having services available to the business community but until now there has not been an easy way for small businesses to know how to find these services,” said Wilkes. “This has led to a tremendous waste of time and significant frustration for small business owners trying to find the right person to talk to in state government. Hopefully with the Small Business Ombudsman and the state’s Business One-Stop website( being developed, the small business community will be better able to utilize the state’s services and information to be more productive and successful.”

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