New FCC regulation went into effect. Did you feel it?

New FCC regulation went into effect. Did you feel it?

One of those federal regulations we are told to be angry about went into effect over a week ago on June 12th. So what has been the negative impact on you?

Absolutely nothing!

But that is exactly what this regulation issued by the Federal Communications Commission was supposed to do—protect users of the internet from any unwanted changes from the cable and telecom industry. In other words, the new regulation simply codifies the existing status quo of equal access to the internet by all users.

It’s called “net neutrality”.

Your internet provider will now be officially prohibited from blocking websites or slowing access to them if the website owner doesn’t pay the internet provider a bribe (they would call it a service fee). Conversely your internet provider won’t be able to demand a bribe to put your website in the fast lane for speedier access.

Congratulations to the Federal Communications Commission (including Commissioner Mignon Clyburn of South Carolina) for standing up to the internet provider industry and protecting our small businesses, which use the internet to market their goods and services, from extortion and unfair competition.

Remember this new regulation next time you hear the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others in the big business community decry federal regulations as burdensome to small businesses. This new net neutrality regulation, like most federal regulations, are enacted to protect the public from some unwanted outcome and maintaining a level playing field for small businesses competing with big businesses.