Newsletter 11/22/2017: Health Insurance & Retirement

Newsletter 11/22/2017: Health Insurance & Retirement

This Thanksgiving it is clear what your employees are thankful for…health insurance.

With enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace setting new records, it is clear that the nation’s workers place a high value on health insurance.  That’s why whether business owners either offer group health insurance or simply help their employees learn about their other health insurance options, they are making a statement about their concern for their employees that is appreciated.

The deadline for your employees to either re-enroll or get a health insurance policy for the first time is December 15th.

Help your workers get covered.

Call 1-888-998-4646 (Palmetto Project) or your insurance agent.

70% of SC small business owners want to offer a private 401K to employees…We can make that happen.

About 51 percent of South Carolina’s private sector employees—roughly 797,000—work for an employer that does not offer a retirement plan according to an AARP South Carolina poll.

Seven in ten small business owners support a privately managed ready-to-go retirement savings plan that would help South Carolina small businesses offer employees a way to save for retirement.

Our state can make this happen.

AARP South Carolina, financial services companies, non-profits and small business organizations are discussing how South Carolina can implement a voluntary Work and Save program for our 500,000 employees of small businesses who need to invest in a good retirement plan.

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