Offshore drillers lose another battle

Lexington County Chronicle
October 6, 2020

Coastal South Carolina fans appear to have won a temporary battle against offshore drilling.

US Judge Richard Gergel dismissed a lawsuit because, he said, drilling permits expire next month and cannot be extended.

SC Attorney General Alan Wilson and SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce CEO Frank Knapp applauded the federal court ruling on seismic testing permits.

The permits issued by the US Department of Commerce were the next to final step before permits could be issued for exploration for oil and gas deposits in the Atlantic off the SC coast.

Drilling opponents fear huge rigs and possible oil spills could destroy billions of dollars in coastal tourism.

“South Carolina and the entire Atlantic Coast are protected at least for several years from seismic airgun blasting of the ocean floor,” Knapp said.

“Our marine animals as well as our commercial and recreational fishing industries are safe for now.”

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