Paying too much for health insurance for yourself and employees???

Find out June 15th at 3PM in a free webinar by the S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

In April this year the rules changed in Washington allowing for premium reductions on quality health insurance policies through the Affordable Care Act.

Example:  55-year old parents of two with household income of $100,000 now qualifies for premium assistance of $2092 per month!  Their premium for a top of the line BCBS plan is only $678 a month.

Example:  35-year old parents with 5-year old twins and household income of $100,000 has a monthly premium of only $27.05 for a BCBS plan.

Example: Employee making $13,176 per year had a policy through the Affordable Care Act and was paying $26.82 a month.  The new monthly premium is only $3.82.

You and your employees could be saving BIG money.

Find out June 15th at 3PM in our free webinar with our trusted SC insurance broker of 7 years, Ben Green of Insurance Advantage.

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