Premiums for health insurance for small business owners and others over the age of 50 have gone up over 40% in the last 2 years! Help is here.

We at the South Carolina Small Business Chamber want to help you solve the problem of finding affordable health insurance with good benefits from a trusted insurance broker.

We are recommending that you contact Insurance Advantage, a Columbia-based insurance broker that works statewide. Our office has watched Ben Green and David Harrell for over 5 years work with small business owners to help them obtain health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace and outside of that Marketplace.

Unfortunately, small business owners and other over the age of 50 and not qualifying for any federal subsidies are being priced out of the health insurance market. This is why you should contact Insurance Advantage.  They have now found more options for our members and supporters that can bring them the best and most affordable health insurance.

Telemarketing scams of health plans are growing because of the big increases in health insurance. We’ve even gotten the calls at our office.

So, we are teaming up with Insurance Advantage.

While we still support the Affordable Care Act, efforts in Washington to dismantle the program have resulted in big premium increases that hurt small business owners who do not qualify for any federal subsidies.

Only a trusted, local insurance broker can help you find other insurance options that are both affordable and provide very good benefits. And if you do qualify for subsidies, Insurance Advantage can help you also.

A 5-minute call could save you 15 – 70% on health insurance for you and your family.

Give Ben & David at Insurance Advantage a call today at (803) – 851 – 0049, email them at, or text them at (803)-509-3394.

The Insurance Advantage team can help you with other health insurance:

  • You’re self-employed
  • You need options for your small business employees
  • 50+ and in need of more affordable options
  • You need dependent coverage
  • You’re creating or leaving a group health plan
  • You’re retiring early
  • You need a senior health plan or supplement
  • You need dental, vision, or other coverage

Contact Insurance Advantage today and get access to all the options!

Call: (803)-851-0049


Text: (803)-509-3394

South Carolina Small Business Chamber (SCSBCC) Member Benefits are offered by third-parties through contractual arrangements with SCSBCC. SCSBCC is not providing any products or services to you and they shall not be responsible for any claims or losses relating to the use of the SCSBCC Member Benefits. Insurance Advantage is a licensed insurance producer (SC License #189307); however, insurance related to this offering is offered through the various insurance companies that have contracted with Insurance Advantage and not through SCSBCC.  SCSBCC membership does not guarantee insurance coverage and not all members will qualify for coverage.

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