The Risky Business of Climate Change

“The U.S. economy faces significant risks from unmitigated climate change. The Risky Business report presents a new approach to understanding these risks for key U.S. business sectors, and provides business leaders with a framework for measuring and mitigating their own exposure to climate risk.”

That is the message of a report “The Economic Risks of Climate Change”.

Click here to download the report or to watch a 5 minute video.

If we do nothing about climate change, here is what the report predicts for South Carolina—not by the end of the century when many of us will be gone—but between the years of 2020 and 2039:

Average summer temperature: 81.01°F to 82.27°F

Number of days over 95°F: 24 to 36

Change in crop yields: -9.14% to 5.19%

Change in labor productivity: -0.57% to 0.02%

Change in electricity demand: 0.54% to 2.88%

Change in energy expenditures: -1.11% to 5.36%

Change in mortality: -1.15 to 6.84 deaths per 100,000 people.

Average annual coastal storm damage: $1012.65 to $1107.02B USD (12.70% to 23.21% change from today).

If you thought the recent Great Recession was bad, just wait to see what happens if we keep listening to the deniers and don’t take action now.

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