Romney’s Individual mandate in Massachusetts

Following up on the revealing Mitt Romney emails regarding the then Massachusetts Governor’s support of the individual health insurance mandate, the Associated Press has a story out today about the only state that does mandates its citizens to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty—Massachusetts.

Under the Seatlepi headline, “ In Mass., individual mandate sparks little outcry”, the story by Steve LeBlanc reads:

              Even with the mandate, the Massachuesetts law remains popular. Two polls taken
              in the past year show more than 60 percent of Massachusetts residents approve of
              the law.

              One reason the mandate has failed to undermine that support is that so few people 
              have had to pay. In 2009, the most recent year for which the state has figures, less
              than 1 percent of residents drew the penalty.

So when is Mitt going to take credit for the one real success he had as Governor?

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