Santee Cooper’s anti-solar policy proposal

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As other South Carolina utilities are improving customer access to our abundant solar resource, Santee Cooper has proposed adoption of punitive rates for customers that want to produce some of their own power. If adopted, the proposal would represent one of the most aggressive anti-solar policies in the country and run counter to the pro-solar policies offered by SCE&G, Duke Energy, and most of the SC electric cooperatives.

Take a moment to submit comments to Santee Cooper by August 27th and protect your right to have solar work for you.

  • The proposed solar rates (DG-15) would make solar a cost prohibitive investment for Santee Cooper’s customers. The rates are so punitive that no one will invest in rooftop solar.
  • Across the state and the country, access to affordable solar power is enhancing customer choice and giving families and businesses an option for controlling their power bills.
  • This proposal conflicts with recent South Carolina legislation enacted to encourage solar and puts Santee Cooper customers in much worse shape than customers of SCE&G, Duke Energy, and most of the SC electric cooperatives.
  • The goal of Act 236, which passed unanimously by the General Assembly and was signed by Governor Haley, was to “promote the establishment of a reliable, efficient, and diversified portfolio of distributed energy resources for the State.”
  • Santee Cooper should abandon the current solar rate proposal in favor of proven policies adopted by other utilities, which pay solar customers a fair retail rate for the power they produce and take into account the value solar investments bring to the overall electric grid.

Submit your comments to Santee Cooper here: 

When the General Assembly enacted and Governor Haley signed into law Act 236, it was considered landmark legislation for South Carolina with a goal of promoting more solar power in our state.

Make sure you aren’t left behind by asking Santee Cooper to carry out this vision for the state of South Carolina and for the benefit of their customers.

Click here to view a more complete analysis of the proposal.

Thank you,

Hamilton Davis

Energy Program Director

South Carolina Coastal Conservation League


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