SCE&G gets another 2.66% rate hike

Public hearing to be held Nov. 29, 10:30AM, 403 Blatt Building, Columbia, SC

Your SCE&G electricity rates are going up once again to pay for the construction financing costs for the company’s new nuclear plants. This rate hike was approved by the SC Public Service Commission on October 19th.

Since 2009 SCE&G has been approved for 9 of these rate increases totaling 19.9% for residential consumers and approximately that for the business community.

And since the nuclear plants won’t go online until 2019/20 at the earliest, we can expect two or more annual rate hikes just for the construction financing costs (not the construction costs).

The STOP THE BLANK CHECK coalition and some media (Charleston Post and Courier and Lexington County Chronicle) have raised enough hell over this situation that a Select Committee on Energy Generation Financing has been created in the SC House of Representatives.

This Committee will hold an all-day public hearing on Tuesday, November 29, starting at 10:30AM in room 403 of the Blatt Building in Columbia.  If more time is needed for public testimony, the hearing will continue the following day.

This is your chance to let our legislators know how you feel about having your electricity rates increased by almost 20% so far for SCE&G’s nuclear plants project.

The STOP THE BLANK CHECK coalition will be proposing amendments to the Base Load Review Act to prevent future abuses of this type of funding for large energy generation projects.

Please plan on attending this important public hearing and let your voice be heard.

Select Committee on Energy Generation Financing
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
403 Blatt Building
Columbia, SC


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