Senator Knotts Thanked by Small Business Chamber

May 29, 2004

Columbia, SC– As the legislative session ends on June 3rd, the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce is thanking Senator Jake Knotts for his tireless efforts in support of small business.

“Over the last few weeks, Senator Knotts has supported the Small Business Chamber on two important issues in the Senate and one state procurement issue,” said Frank Knapp, Jr., president of the Small Business Chamber.

“Senator Knotts offered amendments to a telephone deregulation bill that would protect rural small businesses from unjustified rate increases and promote a healthy competitive telecommunication environment,” said Knapp. “He also lead the charge on an environmental crime bill that would empower the SC Attorney General with the ability to prosecute big businesses that intentionally pollute our environment and destroy property of small businesses nearby.”

“And nobody understands better the economic impact of keeping our state procurement dollars closer to home than Senator Knotts,” said Knapp. “Senator Knotts has worked tirelessly on the issue of our state buying voting machines from vendors that will have a more positive economic impact or our area and state.” His request for a SC Attorney General opinion hopefully will result in the new RFP for voting machines accomplishing this objective.

As the leader of the Lexington County Legislative Delegation, Senator Knotts has elevated the concern for small businesses. “He loves to get the ball and run with it,” said Knapp.

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