Small Business Chamber Newsletter 1-26-18

Small Business Chamber Newsletter 1-26-18

Governor McMaster’s State of the State
Strong support for protecting coastal economies and SCE&G ratepayers

In his State of the State address Wednesday night, SC Governor Henry McMaster repeated his strong stand against the federal government allowing drilling for oil in the Atlantic and demanded that SCE&G ratepayers no longer be charged for the companies abandoned nuclear reactors. (Read the Governor’s specific comments on these issues here.)

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce applauds Governor McMaster for his leadership on these two critical issues.

Audit Says That Reducing SCE&G Rates Most Likely Would Not Cause SCANA To Go Bankrupt

SCANA, parent company of South Carolina Electric & Gas, has been telling the Public Service Commission, legislators, press and anyone who will listen that if they are not allowed to continue collecting the additional 18% from ratepayers for the now abandoned nuclear plants, the company would have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The SC Office of Regulatory Reform was charged by the SC Public Service Commission to assess the SCE&G’s claims. The report came back last week and found that there was only a 35% chance that prohibiting SCE&G from continuing to collect the 18% in increased rates would force the company into bankruptcy.


Mark Your Calendar for February 13th to Protest Offshore Drilling for Oil in Our Atlantic Ocean

The feds are coming to Columbia on February 13th to hold an “open meeting” on the Trump Administration’s plan for drilling for oil in the Atlantic Ocean.

Let your voice of opposition be heard that day.

Join us for a rally at the State House at 11AM that day to oppose offshore drilling in the Atlantic. From 3 to 7 the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will be holding their PTA-style open meeting at the Double Tree Hotel (2100 Bush Rive Road in Columbia) to share information about the drilling plan.  At the same time in the same hotel, those opposing drilling will have an opportunity to speak.

More information to come.