Small Business Chamber Newsletter 1/8/20

Small Business Chamber Newsletter 1/8/20

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January 8, 2020

Russia’s Entrepreneurship Oppression

Businesses do not usually weigh in on electoral process issues, which makes “Business 4 Protecting The Election” unique.

However, entrepreneurship depends on a real democracy in which people know that if they have a good idea and are willing to sacrifice and work diligently, their idea can be turned into a successful, profitable business for themselves, their families and their communities.  Entrepreneurship and a nation’s entire economy suffer when power is removed from the people allowing government and the politically well-connected to control the business ventures of others for their own benefit.

For proof we only need to look at the economy of the nation that interfered with our 2016 U.S. election—Russia.

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Senate confirms Trump pick for small business chief

The Hill
January 7, 2020

The Senate on Tuesday confirmed Jovita Carranza to head President Trump‘s Small Business Administration (SBA).

Carranza, a Treasury Department official who served as deputy SBA administrator during George W. Bush’s presidency, was confirmed in a broad bipartisan 88-5 vote and has widespread support from the business community…

…Carranza will become the highest-ranking Latina official in Trump’s Cabinet, and the vote gives the close ally of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin a prominent role in defending the administration’s economic policies in the election year…

…“This is a fresh opportunity for the administration to refocus on issues or measures that could actually help small businesses,” said Frank Knapp, co-chair of Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform.

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Clean Water Is Good for Business Webinar, January 14th

Businesses across all sectors support protecting clean water — whether as a direct component of their operations or simply to keep their communities and employees healthy. Across the country, wastewater, stormwater, flooding, and drinking water infrastructure is badly in need of investment. Meanwhile, the federal government and many state governments are failing to uphold and properly implement protections for clean water.

As part of ASBC’s Clean Water is Good for Business campaign, we are holding two online training for businesses to help elevate their voice on clean water issues:

January 14, 1 – 2 PM ET- Webinar: Effective Advocating & Lobbying Your Elected Officials on Clean Water and other issues: In this training, we will educate and prepare business leaders to be effective advocates for your issues.

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2019 & 2020 Advocacy

Thank you for your support in 2019.  It was crucial to our advocacy.  See below a review of 2019 successes and our 2020 issues.

Your support in 2020 will be just as important as we continue to advocate small business interests here in South Carolina and at the federal level. We have a 20-year successful track record of working for small business and taking on big and special interests to get the job done.

Blocking Offshore Drilling: The SC Small Business Chamber continued to be the leading business organization not only in South Carolina but also on the East Coast in opposition to exploring and drilling for oil in the Atlantic. The lawsuit that we and 16 South Carolina coastal cities filed in December of 2018 (to block seismic airgun blasting to explore for oil off our coast) is still in the federal court and has kept the Trump Administration from moving forward with the destructive process. During this election year, we will continue to remind the public of the importance of voting to protect our Atlantic Coast tourism, commercial fishing and recreation economies from the inevitable oil spills and leaks from offshore exploration and drilling for oil.

Fighting Electric Rate Hikes-Dominion Energy: In December 2018, we were successful in obtaining a 15% reduction in SCE&G (now Dominion Energy) electric rates for customers as compensation for that company’s mismanagement and deceit leading to the abandonment of a nuclear plant project. In 2020 the SC Small Business Chamber president/CEO will again intervene in an expected rate hike request by Dominion Energy. We are recognized as the primary organization fighting on behalf of small businesses on all matters regarding electricity/gas rates that are regulated by the SC Public Service Commission. Since 2002, small businesses in South Carolina have saved tens of millions of dollars on their utility bills because of our intervening in the rate-making process.

Selling Santee Cooper: In 2019, the SC Small Business Chamber was the lead business organization advocating for the sale of our state utility, Santee Cooper, that had racked up $4 billion in debt due to the failed nuclear project it partnered with SCE&G. Our support of a sale was contingent on a private utility guaranteeing that the nuclear debt would not be passed on to the utility’s direct and electric cooperative customers. Our efforts resulted in the General
Assembly passing legislation calling for private-sector proposals to purchase or manage Santee Cooper. In 2020, the SC Small Business Chamber will vigorously advocate for privatizing the public utility to protect the ratepayers from paying the nuclear debt.

Better Tax Reform for Small Business: In 2019, the SC Small Business Chamber continued to lead a national coalition, Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform, to expose the 2017 federal tax law’s failure to help our nation’s real job creators—small business. The 2017 tax law gave a 40% tax rate cut to corporations but little to pass-through small businesses. Our efforts will continue in this election year to promote how federal tax policy reform could be used to actually promote the growth of small businesses.

Making Small Business More Competitive with Big Business: The SC Small Business Chamber has long supported national policy that enables workers to affordably obtain their own health insurance, thus removing that employee benefit need from small business owners. We will continue this advocacy in 2020. We will also be supporting AARP-SC legislation to create a state-approved, voluntary, portable retirement savings plan for workers that small businesses can offer employees through payroll deduction. Programs like these will allow entrepreneurs to eliminate the time and cost of administering employee-benefits, while making their small business more competitive in attracting quality employees.

Protecting Free Enterprise by Protecting Elections: In 2019, the SC Small Business Chamber launched a national business campaign calling on Congress to pass legislation to protect our elections from foreign interference as we witnessed in 2016. “Business 4 Protecting The Election” provides the business voice of concern for preserving our democracy which is essential to encouraging entrepreneurs to take the risk of starting small businesses with the expectation of financial reward for their success. Our elected leaders must be responsible to the voice of our people and small businesses, not influenced by the autocratic rulers of our nation’s enemies.

Other Issues: As they arise, the SC Small Business Chamber will be advocating for other issues to help small businesses grow and prosper.

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