You did it! Solar bill passes the House!

We are on the verge of an historic era of solar energy in South Carolina.  The S.C. House has given second and third reading to S.1189 with virtually no dissenting votes.  The bill now goes back to the Senate next week for agreement on a couple minor amendments before final passage and sending the bill to the Governor for her signature.

Thanks to all the members of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber who contacted the members of the House this week in support of S.1189.  Thanks to all the members of the General Assembly for their appreciation of a bright solar future for our state.  Thanks to the utility companies for agreeing to a compromise after years of blocking other solar energy bills.

And a special thanks to Hamilton Davis and his team at the Coastal Conservation League, Grant Reeves and his team at the SC Solar Business Alliance, and all the other conservation groups who worked very hard on fashioning and promoting this legislation.

But if you want to take advantage of the new wave of solar panels leasing for your business or home, you will have to wait a little longer.  The S.C. Public Service Commission will first have to decide on how much the utility companies will have to pay consumers through net metering for any excess energy returned to power companies from solar panels.   The South Carolina Small Business Chamber will formerly intervene in this process to get the best deal for our business community.

Congratulations all around.  Have a great Memorial Day holiday!

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