Support the Microenterprise Development Act

Action Alert!!

Public hearing is this Wednesday, April 10th

For everyone who has complained that the state of South Carolina has not done enough to help small businesses, your support for House Bill 3125 is needed.

The legislation would establish a Microenterprise Partnership Program (MPP) within the SC Department of Commerce to support organizations that serve microenterprise businesses and the self-employed.

The MPP will secure funding to provide grants to non-profit’s that make microloans and offer technical assistance to businesses and with up to 5 employees (microenterprises). 

Please contact the Representatives below with the following message.

Small businesses need help with access to capital.  Please support the Mircoenterprise Development Act, H.3125.

Click on the name of the Representative below for a link to their contact information at the General Assembly.  Please make contact today or Wednesday morning.  The subcommittee hearing will be around 2PM Wednesday afternoon in room 321 of the Blatt Building.

Dwight A. Loftis
Gilda Cobb-Hunter
J. Roland Smith
Liston D. Barfield
Harry L. Ott, Jr.

Thank you for your help.
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