Mark Sanford…slaying an already tamed deficit

Congratulations to Mark Sanford for his victory Tuesday in South Carolina’s First Congressional District. Sanford’s campaign message was pretty simple.  Elect him and he would totally focus on reigning in federal spending in order to cut the budget deficit. Well, in a strange ironic coincidence The Washington Post ran a story on the same day Sanford […]

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Austerity Day

US News & World ReportFebruary 28, 2013 Sequestration is the Wrong Kind of Certainty for Small Business Limiting job creators’ access to capital at this critical point in the life of our nation’s economy is a profoundly bad idea. By Beth Solomon Beth Solomon is the president and CEO of the National Association of Development

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T-1 to Austerity

Now we count down by the hour to the automatic across the board federal spending cuts and the negative impact on the economy.  Small businesses will be particularly hurt when money starts leaving Main Street. But don’t expect any sympathy from the U.S. Chamber for the plight of small business (even though it says that

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T-3 to Austerity

With the automatic budget cuts across the board to federal agencies coming three days from now, bills to address the issue are apparently the only real action taking place in Washington. According to The Hill: The Republican plan would maintain the level of spending reductions but give President Obama more flexibility to minimize their impact

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Austerity’s other failure—babies abandoned in a box

The rallying cry of government budget cutters in the austerity vs. stimulus debate is that they don’t want to burden our children and grandchildren with the country’s debt.  That certainly is a more appealing argument than the “austerity leads to a healthier economy” baloney.  The evidence is all too clear that while the U.S. economy

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Riots vs. Jobs

There are riots in Greece.  The economies of Britain, Italy and Spain are not bouncing back from the Great Recession like they did after the Great Depression. Why?  Because the governments in these countries opted for austerity and deficit reduction instead of investing in jobs as a way out of the recession. Which brings us to President

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