T-1 to Austerity

Now we count down by the hour to the automatic across the board federal spending cuts and the negative impact on the economy.  Small businesses will be particularly hurt when money starts leaving Main Street. But don’t expect any sympathy from the U.S. Chamber for the plight of small business (even though it says that […]

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T-2 to Austerity

The Washington PostFebruary 26, 2013 Sequestering common sense By Katrina vanden Heuvel The media is going sequester 24-7. Anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to the across-the-board spending cuts about to hit this Friday is about to have little choice. The brouhaha about the austerity bomb is drowning out any attention to what is actually

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T-3 to Austerity

With the automatic budget cuts across the board to federal agencies coming three days from now, bills to address the issue are apparently the only real action taking place in Washington. According to The Hill: The Republican plan would maintain the level of spending reductions but give President Obama more flexibility to minimize their impact

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T-4 to Austerity

Obamacare haters are on the verge of finally having some success in stopping the implementation of the healthcare reform.  If the sequester’s automatic budget cuts go into effect this Friday, federal spending on three of the components of teh Affordable Care Act will be impacted. Less money will be available for establishing the health insurance

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