Teresa is saving almost $1,800 on health insurance because of expanded premium assistance rules

On April 1st, President Biden changed the rules regarding premium assistance for health insurance policies through the Affordable Care Act.

Teresa, who lives in South Carolina with her husband and children, already had their health insurance from the ACA health insurance marketplace and qualified for premium assistance.

But when the new rules went into effect on April 1, she asked her insurance broker to see if she could save money.

She did!  She was able to convert to a new policy and is saving almost $1,800 a year in premiums.

The SC Small Business Chamber has worked with Insurance Advantage for over 6 years helping small businesses with their health insurance needs.

That is who Teresa called for help.

You should find out if you either can save money on your health insurance or maybe you now qualify for premium assistance.

Call our partners at Insurance Advantage today!
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