The “unwinding” of Medicaid continuous coverage

Watch webinar to see how it might impact your business

Medicaid unwinding 5.9.23.mp4

We all know that employees with health insurance are healthier and more productive.

Are any of your employees about to lose Medicaid coverage due to federal changes?

Whether your business offers group health insurance or not, employees losing Medicaid coverage means they won’t have health insurance.

Who should watch this 17-minute webinar:

  1. If your business offers group health insurance, federal rules require you to give your employees losing Medicaid, because of these changes, the opportunity to enroll in your group plan.
  2. If your business doesn’t offer group health insurance, your newly uninsured might be eligible for affordable health insurance through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. It is in your best interest to help them find out.

This webinar features Sarah Christian of the SC Primary Health Care Association. The webinar explains what is happening with the “unwinding” of Medicaid continuous coverage enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic and what employers either must or should do.

Watch the webinar here.   Medicaid unwinding 5.9.23.mp4

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Frank Knapp

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