Top 8 reasons for House to oppose E-Verify mandate

Today the message below from the Small Business Chamber will be given to House members before they debate whether to concur or non-concur with the Senate’s mandatory E-Verify amendment to S.20, immigration reform.  A non-concur vote would send the bill to a conference committee to work out the difference between the House and Senate versions.

Top 8 Reasons

to non-concur with the Senate’s E-Verify mandate amendment
on S.20

1. Be a hero to small business by opposing more burdensome, costly regulations.

2. Champion immigration reform by voting for the final small-business friendly S.20.

3. Oppose big government in small businesses’ business.

4. Fight against federal mandates—health insurance and E-Verify.

5. Support a more effective immigration reform such as a universal DMV E-Verify for all workers—just like the DMV voter ID’s.

6. Show the Senate that the House is the deliberative body.

7. Avoid future small business criticism of “What were you thinking?”

8. You owe us one after Amazon.☺

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