Email these legislators before tomorrow morning

Yesterday a House subcommittee voted to pass H.4022 onto the full Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee. That committee will meet tomorrow morning at 9 to take action on H.4022.

H.4022 would change the law that has allowed SCE&G to make a profit on $2.5 billion in cost overruns in the construction of two nuclear plants in Fairfield County.  This perverse incentive for going over budget and 2-3 years behind schedule in nuclear plant construction has resulted in 9 rate hikes since 2009 totaling about a 20% increase in electric rates just to pay for construction financing costs.  Electric co-op customers have also seen increases.

H.4022 would change the Base Load Review Act to protect future Duke Energy, SCE&G and C0-OP ratepayers across the state should another nuclear plant be built.

Contact the members below with the following message:

“Vote YES on H.4022.  Make utility companies accountable when building future nuclear plants so that they are not rewarded for bad management and construction decisions.”

Please send your email to before tomorrow morning to:

Bill Sandifer, Chairman  hlc@schouse.org

Mike Forrester mikeforrester@schouse.gov

Mike Ryhal mikeryhal@schouse.gov

Bill Bowers wkb@schouse.org

Carl Anderson andersonc@schouse.org

Todd Atwater toddatwater@schouse.gov

Heather Ammons Crawford heathercrawford@schouse.gov

Bill Crosby billcrosby@schouse.gov

Craig Gagnon craiggagnon@schouse.gov

Dan Hamilton danhamilton@schouse.org

Phyllis Henderson phyllishenderson@schouse.gov

Pat Henegan pathenegan@schouse.gov

Joseph Jefferson josephjefferson@schouse.gov

David Mack djm@schouse.org

Kit Spires spiresk@schouse.org

Anne Thayer repannethayer@gmail.com

Mac Toole toolem@schouse.org