Frank Knapp, Jr.
1717 Gervais Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 765-2210 (w)
(803) 600-6874 (cell)


* University of South Carolina, MA, Social Psychology, 1976
* Indiana University of Pennsylvania, BA, Psychology, 1973

Professional Experience Summary

2016-2018      President, CEO and Co-Founder, Business Alliance for Protecting the Atlantic Coast, Columbia, SC
2000-Present   President, CEO and Co-Founder, the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce , Columbia, SC
1991-Present   President, The Knapp Agency, Columbia, SC
1990- 1991     Partner, Bear, Mallard, Knapp and Pope (Political Consultants), Columbia, SC
1989-1990       Associate Director of Public Information, South Carolina ETV, Columbia, SC
1987-1989     Public Information Consultant, South Carolina ETV, Columbia, SC
1986-1987     Special Consultant, Div. of Public Safety Programs, Office of the Governor, Columbia, SC
1985-1986    Director of Marketing and Planning, Criminal Justice Management & Consulting, West Columbia, SC
1983-1985    Executive Director, Common Cause/South Carolina, Columbia, SC
1981-1983    District Manager, American Family Life Assurance Company, Columbia, SC
1979-1981    President, Frank Knapp & Associates, Columbia, SC
1977-1979   Criminal Justice Planner, Div. of Public Safety Programs, SC Office of the Governor, Columbia, SC
1976-1977   Director, Planning and Research, Lexington County Sheriff’s Dept., Lexington, SC
1974-1976   Director, Planning and Research, Lexington County Sheriff’s Dept., Lexington, SC


Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform Co-Chair (2017-present).
U.S. Small Business Administration District IV Regulatory Fairness Board Chair (2015–2017).
American Sustainable Business Council Board of Directors Co-Chair (2012-2017).
South Carolina Small Business Development Center Advisory Board (2012–present).
American Sustainable Business Council Board of Directors (2011-present).
University of South Carolina Regional Small Business Development Center Advisory Board (2005-2010).
Common Cause-South Carolina, Chair (1981-1982).


SC Small Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Community Involvement Award 2015
U.S. Small Business Administration 2014 South Carolina Small Business Financing Advocate of the Year.
American Sustainable Business Council 2013 Partner of the Year.
Sierra Club-South Carolina 2011 Media Person of the Year.
PBS 1988 Advertising & Promotion Award for Institutional Promotion in a Large Market – “From Budget Cuts to New Building.”

Television Programs Produced

“Capitol View”, an S.C. ETV 30-minute, weekly public affairs program (1987-90) featuring taped one-on-one interviews with members of the South Carolina General Assembly.

“ALABAMA Presents: Concert Hugo”, a three-hour, live program featuring a concert by the country group ALABAMA along with interviews with the band, radio personalities, and prominent South Carolinians. The S.C. ETV broadcast was a fundraiser for the Hugo Relief Fund.  The 1990 program generated $51,000 in pledges and the highest ratings for any S.C. ETV program.

Radio Programs Produced and Hosted

Created and hosted weekday afternoon talk show, U Need 2 Know (WGCV-AM), Columbia, SC (February 2007-November 2016).

Hosted the “Small Business Forum”, a once a week, one-hour talk show (WCEO-AM), Columbia, SC (October 2003-December 2004).

Wrote and produced “The Jefferson Report”, a 90-second syndicated radio political commentary, Columbia, SC (1993-1999).

Video Documentary Produced

Produced, wrote, directed and funded 2003 video documentary “Sherman’s March: Final Revenge” (

Publications, Studies and Presentations

Knapp, Frank Jr. The effect of stress on quality of performance and alienation.  Presented at the Eastern Regional Psi Chi Colloquium, Moravian College, 1973.

Knapp, Frank Jr. and McClure, Lawrence F. Quasi-experimental evaluation of a quality of life intervention. Journal of Community Psychology, 1978, 6, 280-290.

Knapp, Frank Jr. and Washington, Carey A. Study conducted on drunkenness offenders. Carolina Law, 1978, 28, No. 5, 44-47.

Knapp, Frank Jr. The practitioner’s view.  Panel discussion of the application of Social Psychology to Law, Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists Conference, University of Georgia, 1978.

Knapp, Frank Jr. Police education: A South Carolina perspective of the report of the National Advisory Commission on Higher Education for Police Officers. Carolina Law, 1979, 29, No. 2, 34-40.

Knapp, Frank Jr., Sharkley, James A., and Metts, James R. The effects of an increase in a county sheriff’s department’s patrol capability. Journal of Police Science and Administration, 1980, 8, 5-14.

Knapp, F., Mason, S.E., Metts, J.R., and Starkey, J.A. The Effects of a Residential Deputy Program on Perceived Law Enforcement Services.  Southern Journal of Criminal Justice, Fall, 1980.

“The Other Side,” Independent News of Irmo, Weekly editorial column on politics and government. 1985-1986.

Knapp, Frank Jr., The Privatization of Public Prisons.  Business & Economic Review, (College of Business Administration, University of South Carolina), 1986, 32, No. 2, 9-13.

“The Feasibility of an Alternative Facility for the Incarceration of DUI Offenders.” Study prepared for Greenville County, South Carolina, September, 1986.


South Carolina Electric and Gas SCE&G Energy Efficiency Advisory Group (2011-present)

Leadership South Carolina, Class of 1985.

Chairman of Citizens’ Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Lexington County Public Schools, 1984.

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