Watch our new BuySC ad by Coal Powered Filmworks!

Our gorgeous, professionally shot and edited BuySC ad/PSA is done! Loving the little “BuySC” flags stuck into the rows of sweets at Tiffany’s.

Huge thanks to Wade Sellers of Coal Powered Filmworks for the incredible production quality and highly professional, friendly manner while shooting. And thanks to Be Beep a Top Shop in Forest Acres, Cayce Ace Hardware in Parkland Shopping Center, Tiffany’s Bakery on Two Notch, and 2G’s Clothing in Five Points for letting us use their shops as locations for the shoot!

Video still at Tiffany’s Bakery: Wade Sellers, Coal Powered Filmworks

Did you know that you triple the local impact of each dollar when you shop at a locally owned, independent business? With its action campaigns and its free SC small business directory at, BuySC joins “shop local” movements across America, like Lowcountry Local First, the 3/50 Project, Small Business Saturday, Plaid Friday, and AMIBA’s America Unchained. (See more, below.)

Who’s behind it? We are! We’re the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit advocacy organization in Columbia, South Carolina. Join us!

Thanks again, Wade! We love it!

On the subject of shopping local, we just received the most recent AMIBA newsletter; it’s a great resource! Reposted in part here, for your reading pleasure:

‘Tis the Season to Go Local

“Despite the annual Black Friday media frenzy, our annual “America/Canada Unchained” campaign and grassroots counterparts like “Plaid Friday” helped generate buzz around the continent. While some of you have expressed concern over various companies promoting their own “buy local” brands, we simply encourage you to present them as evidence for the growing energy behind the Localization Movement and use them to amplify your message.”

“AMIBA board member Stacy Mitchell and BALLE co-founder Laury Hammel teamed up for this Boston Globe commentary, while the Boston-area Concord IBA, Somerville Local First and Cambridge Local First all generated local media attention using the America Unchained or Plaid Friday concept.
The Fayetteville IBA (AR) used “Indie Bingo” to draw attention and customers to member businesses, while the Louisville IBA (KY) is using a Holiday Passport program to entice more patronage of its members. Local First Utah is promoting Take 10/Tell 10/Shift 10 during the holidays.”

“The Boulder County (CO) and Flagstaff (AZ) IBAs both held early holiday events with business member expos, food and drink, prizes and more. Debbie Leavitt of FIBA reported event bartenders saying Christmas parties are mostly boring, but they loved the energy and fun at FIBAs event. Don’t underestimate the power of a great party to build cohesiveness and attract supporters!”

See the whole newsletter here: and “Like” AMIBA on Facebook!

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